Work Experience


Year 10 Work Experience

At Waterfront UTC we aim to prepare our students for the world of work. It is important that young people are provided with the right skills and tools necessary for their next steps after secondary school. We offer year 10 students the opportunity to complete work experience in March.

Our work experience programme is launched in November each year when parents and carers along with the students are invited to our launch event. This event outlines how the programme will work and what is required from the students.

Our students are tasked with finding their own placements, an ideal opportunity for them to practice their networking, letter writing and communicating skills with employers. Pre-placement activities are completed during the term before the placement to ensure students are aware of what is expected of them during their work experience placement. A staff member will visit the student during their placement and evaluations take place after the placement has finished.

In previous years this programme has been very successful and we have received positive feedback from numerous local and national employers who have fully supported our students.

Post 16 Work Experience


Level 3 Engineering students have a compulsory work experience unit and we are grateful to our sponsors BAE Systems who offer all Year 13 Engineering students a sought after 2 week placement at their Rochester site. During this placement students complete a variety of tasks within the Engineering and Operations departments and have the opportunity to speak with BAE employees from many departments, giving them further insight into the company.

We are now into our third year of Work Experience with BAE Systems and the programme is developing and improving with each group of students that participate in it.


Delphi Technologies have also offered our Year 12 students a 2 week placement in May of each year. This is a placement that gives students the opportunity to see how Delphi works and to gain more knowledge of the manufacturing side of Engineering. Up to 8 students are able to participate in this scheme each academic year.

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