Course Options 2020/21

KS4 Course Options - 2021/2022

At Waterfront UTC we recognise the importance of the decisions that students need to make in their transition from their previous school. In this important and challenging phase of students’ education, it is crucial that we give you clear and informed guidance as to the choices available and how these are matched to individual needs, interests and abilities.

We offer an exciting range of academic and vocational qualifications courses this year that will provide the springboard for our students’ development and shape their future educational and career opportunities. 

September 2021 Option Form:

Year 9 2021 Option Form

Nearly 60% of a student’s timetable in KS4 will be spent studying the core Curriculum, consisting of:

  • Mathematics (Edexcel) – Single GCSE
  • English Language and English Literature (Eduqas) – two separate GCSEs
  • Combined Science (Edexcel) – two GCSEs
  • PE (non-examination)

In addition to the core curriculum, students will study four further subjects; one specialism choice, one academic choice and two open choices:

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