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Knowing your students, praising and rewarding behaviour and promoting independence, are key to the teacher and learning at Waterfront UTC.

Knowing your Students

All teachers now use ClassCharts to organise their Seating Plans in order to better tailor the lessons to the individual needs – effective differentiation. This in turn will promote better and faster progress and therefore, improved outcomes.


Using a simple point system built in to ClassCharts, students are able to earn/lose points for their behaviour. These points are periodically tallied so that students can receive prizes.

Independent Learning

It has been proven that Homework/Independent Learning does improve academic outcomes, increases confidence and gives teachers another vehicle to provide differentiated work in order to improve outcomes.

Teachers at Waterfront UTC will set challenging homework that:

  • Consolidates learning
  • Deepens understand
  • Prepares students for work to come

It is our intention to set homework, at least, every six lessons.

Should you require your or your child’s login details, please contact Mr Bennett – Senior Vice Principal –

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