Careers Interviews

Careers Interviews


Careers Interviews are offered to our Year 11 and Year 13 students. These take place with a qualified Careers Advisor from CXK. CXK is an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of young people providing support, advice and guidance to help them with their future. All students will receive an action plan that is sent home to parents following their Careers Interview which they can use to continue researching and deciding what their future path will look like. The action plan is an effective planning tool which parents can use to have discussions with their children regarding future plans.

The Careers interviews are designed to offer impartial, tailored careers information, advice and guidance for all students. The interviews will help motivate and inspire students to help them take control of their learning and working lives.

Careers Interviews take place between September and December. Parents will receive a letter home detailing the dates of these and will be invited to attend the interview should they choose to do so alongside their child.

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