Next Steps

After Year 11

Stay at Waterfront UTC

  • Choose either Engineering or Construction (worth equivalent to two or three subjects)
  • Choose either A-Level maths or Core Maths
  • Option to take one additional A-Level subject
  • Entry requirement: Five subjects at grade 5 or above (note for English and Maths this is a grade 5 or above, and for BTEC subjects it is a Pass grade or above)


  • Offer a range of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses for 16 year olds, depending on your GCSE results
  • More hands-on, specific vocational courses in a wide range of areas
  • Also offer apprenticeships

Sixth Form

  • An ‘academic’ route, studying solely A-level subjects
  • Different sixth forms will offer different subject combinations and have different entry requirements


  • The young person is employed by the company and is released a number of days a week to undertake formal training at college.
  • Apprenticeship placements are available all year round; however the vast majority for September intake are advertise in December and January.
  • Entry requirements vary, usually from 3 to 5 subjects at ‘pass’ grade for an Intermediate or Advanced apprenticeship
  • See the useful links page, but most large companies advertise their apprenticeships on their own website

Armed Forces

  • You can join the Army, Navy or RAF at 16 provided you have your parents’ consent.
  • The application process involves both physical and written assessment, which you will need to prepare for.

After Year 13

Go to for lots more information about your options


  • At 18, with a Level 3 qualification, you are able to apply for a Higher Apprenticeship


  • A minimum of three years resulting in a degree in a particular subject.
  • You submit one application through UCAS, which allows you to apply for up to six different universities/course.
  • The final deadline for applications is in January of Year 13.

Gap Year

  • A gap year means taking a year out after Year 13 before starting a university course. During this time it is common to travel, work or volunteer.


  • Once you have turned 18 you do not need to be enrolled on a formal training programme, you can apply for and accept a job with any employer.
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